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Xero – Accounting


Xero is an online accounting system that gives you easy access to your bank transactions, invoices, reports, and sales tax – anytime, anywhere.

Send Documents, Mail Merge, View Contacts

Alive Docs Explorer gives you quick access to all your Xero Contacts (Customers and Suppliers) and enables you to quickly send them documents like letters, brochures, etc using the Alive Docs Mail Merge facility.

Now you can quickly send your customers personalized documents like newsletters, invitations, promotions, thank you letters, order confirmations, overdue notices, etc using your own custom documents.

A record is kept of all messages and documents that have been sent to each contact, so you can keep track of who was sent what and when.

In the future you will also be able to view other information from your Xero account and other services in documents and spreadsheets in Alive Docs – giving you a fast view in to seeing the information you want in the format you want quickly.

For more information on Xero visit Xero

Usage and Setup

Sending documents to your Xero Contacts is as easy as selecting Xero in the tool bar of the Contacts panel in Alive Docs.
This will show you a list of your Xero contacts from which you can then select the contacts you wish to send to and press Send which will take you to the Send Panel. The Send panel can also be reached by pressing Send / Mail Merge when viewing a document, or simply pressing Send in the Tools portlet.

In the Send panel you can add and remove recipients, and add the attached document(s) you want to send, and when ready press Send.

Note: The first time you select Xero, a popup dialog box will appear asking you to login to Xero and Authorize Alive Docs to access the Contact data in your Xero account. This will give Alive Docs access for approximately 30 minutes – if longer time is needed, the popup dialog will appear again and you just authorize again.